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Ecole Internationale de Montpellier


Name of school:
Ecole Internationale de Montpellier

Name of program: Bachelor Honours of Business Administration

Status of the institution: Consular

Name of Director : Didier JOURDAN

Country: France( France )

2300 avenue des Moulins 34185 Montpellier Cedex 4

Telephone: 33 4 67 10 26 26
33 4 67 40 56 50

Web site :

The educational project in place at l’Ecole Internationale de Montpellier is a direct response to the demand, in the workplace, to overcome any problematic international issues. It is simultaneously geared towards those who wish to pursue and succeed in a world that has fewer and fewer international barriers in place. To achieve these objectives l’E.I. Montpellier has developed an educational program based on the opening up of world markets, encouragement of self knowledge and the development of both personal and professional skills.

The course at l’Ecole Internationale de Montpellier focuses on gaining knowledge and experience, learning how to approach new situations with confidence and also how to apply these newfound skills. In short to be prepared to fully integrate in the workplace as a proactive, dynamic employee.


Le Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier specialises in higher education teaching in the area of Business and Management. Each year it is composed of more than 6,000 people, mostly students and lecturers who hold various positions within the school. The emphasis of the Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier is above all concentrated on developing each student’s personal and professional skills. The main objective of the Groupe Sup de Co is to guide each student to achieve their own level of personal success. Internationalisation of courses, a movement towards new technologies and the integration of entreprenerial experiences within the program are also ways in which, when linked to such a high level of teaching, allow each program to achieve their central aim: the personal and professional success of the graduate.


The opening up of ways to study abroad, the experience of learning another language and the culture behind it are the central axes that the program is based upon. This international perspective can also be found in the teaching practices themselves, as well as through the application of this knowledge in the workplace. The teaching at L’E.I. Montpellier covers various disciplines related to international business. The lessons are partly taught in English and the specific courses, led by specialists in their field, allow students to learn about multicultural approaches in the business world. The first year of the program is considered to be a preparatory year and is a chance to learn about how an international firm operates. This year is composed of general, but important subjects designed to help you organise your ideas and develop a more critical way of thinking, specific management subjects, a group project (Alpha 1) and also a placement within a company. Coming at the end of the year, the placement allows the student to become familiar with how a company operates, either through completing an assignment or through operational work. The second year of the program at l’E.I. aims to strengthen students knowledge of the central disciplines that are part of everyday life in an international business. The year is constituted of lessons, a professional group project, a «major in Cultures, Ethics and behaviour » and a placement in a company that must have an international focus. The lessons, which remain at this stage fairly general, allow students to progressively gain a wide scope of knowledge, and to deepen their awareness of specific careers and the world of international business itself. At the end of the second year the placement allows the student to be part the international business community. The third year of the program is based in a company. This year places the student in a real workplace situations, working full time, in a professional environment and allows them to be part of an organisation for a substantial period of time. During this time the student can really discover the different facets of a company and of course professional life itself. Also the length of time spent working at the company means that the student can be considered to be a fully contributing part of the workforce. The fourth year of study can take place either in France or abroad. Students choosing to study abroad will do so at a university within their chosen country. This year abroad also allows students to obtain a foreign university degree (Bachelor) known as a BBA. In France the final year at l’E.I. consists of two parts. - 1 part includes lessons in subjects such as management. - 1 part is a major in a professional subject which could be connected to a future career path. The BBA Hons and Bachelor from a business school can also be obtained. This year, whichever option is chosen ends in the participation of a minimum 6 month placement, which leads to both graduation and the possibility of a job offer.


Total enrolment: 300

Number of students per class : 40

International students: 25%

Nationalities represented: 12

Average age: 21

Age range: 18-26


Entrance 2002 / 2003: Several recrutement days take place between May and September

Application deadline:

How to apply:
Entrance to the E.I. Montpellier takes place through a competitive examination called the Ulysse. The Ulysse examination was conceived to offer every candidate an equal opportunity, no matter what their backround. The written tests are used to test the general level of the candidates, as well as their knowledge of foreign languages which are essential for international studies.

At the interview stage the objective is to distinguish between the candidates and which personal qualities they possess in order to be able to :
- Develop innovative teaching practices at l’E.I. Montpellier
- To develop their personal and professional competancies
- To succeed in their professional capacity

Admission criteria:
High school diploma, baccalauréat or A levels

Where to apply: http://www.supdeco-montpellier.com_Accueil /Accueil.php ?RUBRIQUE_ID=93
par téléphone :
33 4 6710 26 26


The campus is equiped with an extensive library containing nearly 400 periodicals, of which more than thirty are in foreign languages, as well as 5,500 works and a series of specialised annuals in both French and other languages.

Computer lab:

L’E.I. Montpellier, due to it’s thoroughly developed structures in the center of a vast campus, offers students a fantastic location. With a surface of 12,000 m2, the premises of the Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier present the best possible working conditions at the center of a campus adapted to the needs of the students (including classrooms, study rooms, amphitheatres.....) More than just a place to study, the campus at Montpellier was designed to provide students with a way of living, a way of meeting people and a way of exchanging ideas.

Additional information:
On campus, a great deal of emphasis is based on communication.
L’E.I. Montpellier is equiped with a hertzian network which allows students to access, from any part of the campus, using their laptop, the internet and intranet. There are also IT rooms and a videoconferencing system.

Housing :
Students will be helped to find accommodation within the campus.


Tuition and fees per year:
5,700 Euros for European students (for years 1,2 and 4 only)
7,980 Euros for non European residents (for years 1,2 and 4 only)


Dean: Didier Jourdan

Director of Program: Linda Agugliaro

Director of admissions: Thierry Dupuich

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