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EF Education


Name of school:
EF Education

Status of the institution: Language School

Name of Director : Silvia Tremonte

Country: Switzerland

EF Education
Limmatquai 94
8001 Zürich

Telephone: +41 (0)1-250 41 01
+41 (0)1-250 41 10

Web site :

EF has been teaching immersion language courses abroad for nearly 40 years. EF courses are US-university certified. We are also accredited by ACCET. For language schools in the UK EF is approved by The British Council and has the membership in ARELS. With 70 offices around the world you will study alongside students from 50 countries.



Standard courses :
EF Language Travel:
offers students aged 10 to 19 the opportunity to travel abroad in chaperoned groups, live with a local host family, and improve their language skills during morning lessons. Afternoons are devoted to a full program of organized activities, sports and excursions.

EF International Language Schools:
provide young adults (minimum age 16) worldwide with instruction abroad in one of seven languages. Courses start every Monday of the year and run from two to 50 weeks. Instruction from qualified native speakers is supported by a weekly activities program.

EF Academic Year Abroad:
offers young adults above 16 nine months of linguistic and cultural studies abroad. Courses begin with intensive language study. As communication skills develop, the curriculum broadens to include academic subjects such as literature, business, and the media.

EF Multi Language Year:
designed to help students above 16 become both multilingual and multicultural in just nine months. They become fluent in two or three other languages by studying abroad in two or three countries.

EF High School Year:
allows teenagers (14 to 18) worldwide the opportunity to experience high school in another country. Students live as a family member in a host community and enroll in a nearby school.

EF Club Languages:
allows adults around the world to combine a relaxing holiday abroad with a quality language course. Instruction is in small groups from native speakers, with the focus on business English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

EF Corporate Language Training:
offers intensive language training for the business world. Every course is customized to an individual's linguistic needs to ensure that maximum progress is made.


International students: yes

Average age: depending on program

Age range: 10 to 60, depending on program


How to apply:
- by booking online on
- by sending or faxing application form
- by calling: +44-(0)1-250-4101

Where to apply:
EF Education
Limmatquai 94
8001 Zürich
Tel.: 01-250 41 01
Fax: 01-250 41 10

EF Education
18 Rue du Midi
1003 Lausanne
Tel.: 021-312 83 72
Fax: 021-323 21 68


Additional information:
Please look at:

Housing :
EF Host Family:
Nearly all our school locations offer the option of a welcoming home environment. An EF host family is a useful way to immerse yourself in the daily life of your host culture. Experience teatime in England, la vie française in Nice or the American dream in Santa Barbara.

EF International Residence:
Enhance the experience of studying alongside students from 50 countries by living with them in one of EF's International Houses. These comfortable residences also offer the convenience of being located in or near such EF schools as Bournemouth, Boston, Miami Beach and Malta.

College Campus Residence:
Live alongside native-speakers while you're studying on the campus of a college or university. In England you live on the grounds of 800-year-old Cambridge University. In France, it's the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Nice University. American campuses range from the traditional atmosphere of New York's Marymount College to the laid-back pace of LA's California State University.


Tuition and fees per year:
depending on program, destination and duration of course

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