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ESCP-EAP European School of Management


Name of school:
ESCP-EAP European School of Management

Name of program: Master in Management

Status of the institution: Graduate School of Management

Name of Director : Jean Louis Scaringella

Country: France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom

4 campuses in Paris, Oxford, Berlin and Madrid

for each address see section "campus location"

Telephone: see each campus location
see each campus location

Web site :

ESCP-EAP European School of Management is a multi-country graduate school served by 120 faculty members who conduct cutting-edge teaching and research activities across our 4 European campuses: Paris, Oxford, Madrid, Berlin. The School develops multicultural business leaders through cross-border, multilingual degree programmes in management. This positioning is unique in today’s global business school environment. It is particularly relevant in an era of economic interdependence and international trade. The School offers a large portfolio of generalist management and specialist management programmes for pre- and post-experience participants: Master’s in Management, Master’s in European Business, Specialized Masters, full-time/part-time and Executive MBAs, as well as executive education. There are over 3,000 students enrolled in degree programmes across the 4 campuses and a further 3,000 executive participants. ESCP-EAP ranks consistently among the Top 20 European business schools and the Top 100 in the world. Its faculty is research active and publishes widely in international journals of reknown. The School edits the European Management Journal and the International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management..


ESCP-EAP exists to educate multicultural business leaders and to advance transnational management education through quality teaching and research.

Accreditation :


The ESCP-EAP Master’s is for high potential students with a first degree and little or no prior work experience. The course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge to pursue a business career in the global business environment. It provides a solid grounding in general management and develops expertise in an area of specialisation. An all-important feature of the course is the opportunity to study in one or more countries and languages. There are 3 study tracks to choose from: an international track involving 1 year of study in Paris and 1 year abroad; 2 European tracks involving study in Paris and Oxford and a choice of either Madrid or Berlin, depending on language skills. This cross-border approach ensures that participants are immersed in different countries and learn to interact effectively with people from different cultures. The aim is to provide critical insights into the world’s different business practices and organisational approaches, as well as to develop the knowledge and skills to work effectively with them. Finally, the course includes first-hand in-company experience as an integral part of the course.

Field of Study :
Management & Business Administration


Total enrolment: 1632

Number of students per class : 550

International students: 451

Nationalities represented: 65

Average age: 23 years

Age range: 21-28

Number of applicants: 5842

Number of applicants admitted: 568

Average work experience: Less than 1 year


Entrance 2002 / 2003: Academic year 2002-2003

Application deadline:
28 June 2002 (France)
1 February 2002 (outside Europe) and 1 March 2002 (in Europe, except France)

How to apply:
Step 1
You will complete an application pack and submit it by the relevant deadline. The pack must include: - the application form duly completed - certified copies of educational certificates - a transcript of grades - a non-refundable application fee (€ 100) - GMAT score or TAGE-MAGE score The Admissions Committee will review your application promptly and inform you of its decision to accept or reject it. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Step 2
You will be invited to take part in an interview which takes place in March or April. There are examination centres in Abidjan, Athens, Bangkok, Beirut, Bonn, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Dakar, Damascus, Dublin, Hanoi, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Houston, Istanbul, Lima, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Oslo, Paris, Peking, Prague, Rabat, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tel Aviv, The Hague, Tokyo, Vienna, Warsaw, Yaounde. The application deadline is 1 February (outside Europe) and 1 March (within Europe). You should manage the timing of your application so that you are able to make full enquiries about the programme and take a reasoned decision.

Step 3
The Admissions Committee will review all test and interview results and establish a list of admissible candidates by order of merit. The list will be published on the School’s website in June and admissible candidates will be informed of their acceptance into the programme.

Admission criteria:
Applicants must be university graduates having completed a 3/4 year undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent). ESCP-EAP Master’s students do demonstrate the following attributes:
- intellectual capacity
- motivation
- proficiency in the languages of the study track
- openness to cultural diversity
- leadership potential

Where to apply:
ESCP-EAP European School of Management
79 avenue de la Republique
75543 PARIS CEDEX 11
Phone: +33 1 49 23 20 00


Each ESCP-EAP campus has a library facility. The main business library is in Paris. The other campuses have good reference libraries and offer access to the best local libraries. In each country the School subscribes to all major research journals as well as to the top daily and weekly business publications.

Computer lab:

ESCP-EAP is unique in offering 4 campus locations in Europe.

ESCP-EAP in France
79 ave de la République
75543 Paris Cedex 11
Phone : +33 1 4923 2000
Fax : +33 1 4355 9963
email :

ESCP-EAP in Germany
Heubnerweg 6
14059 Berlin
Phone : +49 3032 0070
Fax : +49 3032 0071 11
email :

ESCP-EAP in Spain
Arroyofresno 1
28035 Madrid
Phone : +34 91 386 2511
Fax : +34 91 373 9229
email :

ESCP-EAP in the United Kingdom
12 Merton Street
Oxford OX1 4JH
Phone : +44 1865 263 200
Fax : +44 1865 25 1960
email :

Each campus is located in the city centre. You may expect a quality urban campus environment. Soon the Oxford campus will transfer to London and the School will be located in 4 major European capital cities. ESCP-EAP campuses are designed to provide access to the local business culture and environment. They are also turned outward to other regions of Europe and the world. The UK campus provides a bridge to the global English-speaking business environments. The campus in Spain is a gateway to Latin American business cultures. The German campus is actively involved in Central European markets and provides students access to their business cultures and organisations. Finally the Paris campus is at the heart of French business culture and is a gateway to other French-speaking business environments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. ESCP-EAP is a gateway to Europe for students and executives outside Europe, and a gateway to the World for Europeans.

Additional information:
The Master’s in Management programme offers two study tracks. The European Study tracks (Paris-Oxford-Berlin, Oxford-Madrid-Paris) deliver a European MSc in Management and a French “Diplôme Grande Ecole”. The graduates of the Berlin track also earn a German “DiplomKaufmann”. This triple national recognition is unique anywhere and epitomizes the transnational relevance of the ESCP-EAP approach.

International exposure:
Master’s students are recruited internationally and work in multicultural peer groups throughout the year. Furthermore, they can join a European track and study on one or several of our European campuses. The International Track also provides for 3 to 12 months abroad with the option of a double degree under specific conditions and with certain partner business schools. The Master’s in Management programme is taught by faculty members from 15 nationalities, providing international business management experience and insights.

Housing :
Student residence off campus in Paris, 200 beds. Otherwise students rent bedsides, share flats in Paris, Oxford, Madrid, and Berlin. The School provides assistance with finding suitable accommodation in each city.


Tuition and fees per year:
6,800 €

Approximate student budget:
living expenses are about 700 € per month regardless of country


Dean: Jean Louis Scaringella

Director of Program: Jérôme Bon

Director of admissions: Michel Drouère

Director of financial aid: Marie Catherine Weil

Director of career services: Catherine Desjacques, Christine Taylor


Local : on our 4 campuses (please contact Admissions Offices)

International locations : on our 4 campuses (please contact Admissions Offices)

Presentations on campus: open door days (consult us for dates)

International fairs:
Austria, India, Morocco, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Estonia, Denmark, Spain, UK, Germany, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand (check our website for dates)

Interview sessions possible:Yes, contact local Admissions Office





Other: Executive education programmes for practising managers

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