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The Canadian economy experienced a strong growth in the year 2000, after a marked expansion in 1999. The actual growth of gross domestic products (GDP) was at 4.4% in 2000, in comparison to 5.1% in 1999. The country has experienced its 36th quarter of uninterrupted growth. According to the international reports of the IMF and the OECD, it is amongst one of the best members of the G7, if not the best.

The employment situation follows that of the economic growth and is improving without interruption. Since the end of 1996, more than 1.5 million jobs were created . The unemployment rate, which had been close to 10% at the end of 1996, was brought down to 6.6% in May and June of 2000, which makes it the lowest level in 24 years. However unemployment has been slowly rising since 2001.

Unemployment rate: 6.8%

Principal economic partners: By far, the main commercial partner of Canada is the USA: about 77% of its foreign trade is with its southern neighbour. Other trading partners are the countries of the EU, notably the United Kingdom, as well as Japan, Mexico, and South Korea.

Number of foreign employees: 19.2% of the active population.

The most dynamic regions of Canada totally dominate the economy of the country. In order of importance these are, Ontario, Quebec, the Prairies and British Columbia.



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