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Things to know

Because most students who enroll in E-Learning programs are not full-time students, the financial aid available is very limited in comparison with full-time on-campus programs. This is certainly something to consider; E-Learning programs, albeit often less expensive than campus-based programs, are not cheap! They are even more expensive for international students.

Keep in mind that the professors of E-Learning programs still have to spend a fair amount of time preparing for lectures and talking with students and responding to their questions- this means that they must be compensated for their time. E-Learning programs are not necessarily easier for professors. For this reason E-Learning has thus far been primarily used as a supplement program for those who have no other option.

If you have the option to do an on-campus program, it is generally advised to take advantage of that opportunity and do the on-campus program. Nothing will replace face-to-face human contact and communication.

How to Apply:

The application procedure is usually similar to that of campus-based programs. You will need to submit a transcript of previous academic work, a lengthy application, a score from a standardized test depending on the level and requirement of the program, and a language certificate (such as the TOEFL) if the program is not offered in your native language. For specific details contact the admissions department of the university you want to apply to.

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