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About Us is brought to you by Overseas Communication, an International Communication Agency exclusively dedicated to Education and International recruitment. Centrally located in Paris, France- the very center of Europe- we are strategically based to make contact with students from all over the world. Expanding Networks Worldwide is our Job! Please check out our website

We have worked with many International Programs and have helped them to attract potential candidates from the four corners of the world. Overseas Communication services range from consulting for companies, business companies, and universities in terms of communications, publishing, press releases, and public relations, etc. The added-value of our company is that we are international and build world-wide strategies for companies.

Combined with over 15 years of experience, Worldstudent’s founders have extensive experience specific to the international educational and public relations fields. Their rigorous training, experience, and expertise in these areas position them to interface successfully with both educational institutions and media outlets on a local and an international level.
As a communication agency we have access to the best media in each of the countries we are targeting. We operate with both the Editorial and the Commercial Departments.

We focus on three different types of media: General Newspapers, Economic Journals and Student Magazines. We work in close collaboration with editorial departments which often require special features about International Education. Our Editorial team thus facilitates information, contacts, themes and more to newspapers that want to inform their readers about studying at various educational institutions. The Overseas Communication Journalist Database gathers names of education, career, and recruitment specialists worldwide.

We have built up partnerships with a selected number of local newspapers, magazines, and websites. Media selections are made according to five criteria: Circulation, Target, Editorial Content, Former Announcers, and Ratio Cost/Contact.

Concerning the Online media we focus on student, public and private institutions, and recruitment websites.

The WorldStudent communication strategy is to be in the market! This is how we reach potential candidates. We not only build up partnerships with the media but also work in close collaboration with public institutions, Non Profit institutions, Education agents and companies. We not only educate the market, we’re in the Market!

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