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Welcome to the World
of International Education

Congratulations, if you are looking for International students, or if your program is interested in enhancing its International exposure, you just knocked on the right door!

The aim of WorldStudent.Com lies in two words: "connecting students".

More than a directory of international studies, WorldStudent acts as an advisor to help students gather all the necessary information needed to intelligently select the country, school, and program of study. At the same time, WorldStudent acts as an intermediary to help Schools and Programs efficiently reach the candidates who correspond to their admission criteria.

Students save time by having only one website to consult for their study abroad inquiries, while schools save time, energy and effort by directing students' inquirires to

We give students information and facilitate an information bridge to schools.

Find out about NOW! Visit the site as if you were a student, and find the right place for your program!

All your questions and comments are more than welcome- kindly send them to


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magazine study abroad international careers e-learning forums partners contact