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Our Team

Philippe Cattelat
Worldstudent Founder
AECM Founder (Association of the European Campus Magazines)
Transfac Founder (Number One Student Magazine in France)
Sandra Etienne
Overseas Communication Founder
Campus Management Founder
Editorial Department
Brendan Turrill (english version)
Myriam Poitau (french version)
Carolina de la Cuesta (spanish version)
Sales Department
Cristin Akins USA/Canada
Anita Mendonca UK & Australia
Juan Villamil Latin America
Nicolas Comparin France & Southern Europe
Henriette Hanke Germany & Northen Europe
Brigita Tasheva Eastern Europe
Xin Xao Asia

The Worldstudent founders and staff are comprised of highly skilled and trained individuals who have a high level of exposure to both higher education and media outlets. They are committed to a superior level of professionalism and seek to ensure that Worldstudent serves as the best outlet for you to bring your companies to students all over the globe.

Our sales department operates fluently in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Indian, Chinese, and Bulgarian, and come from Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Russia, and the United States. The average age of the sales team is 27 years old. They have all studied and worked in a number of countries.

Technical Department
WorldStudent has been developed and enhanced by our sister company Recall Interactive, a web agency specializing in the creation and development of web sites.

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