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To make the search as convenient and helpful as possible, WorldStudent.Com is organized into four sections:

  1. Magazine Section- Current news, issues, and topics of interest regarding International Education, Admission Tests, Special Features on specific degree programs, Agenda of the main Education Fairs in each country, and more.
  2. Study Abroad Section- All one needs to know about how to access the countries, companies, and programs of their choice. Information regarding the local Education System, cost of living and studies, administrative matters, way of life, political & historical background, plus specials on one country every month.
  3. International Career Section- Career opportunities per country, company offers & recruitment, and career advice.
  4. E-Learning- Information on distance learning, online programs, and the tools to evaluate them.

From Socrates to Nasdaq
WorldStudent.Com gives access to all programs at all levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate, from language studies to business studies. Whether the students want to pursue an undergraduate technical degree in India, an MBA in New York, a PhD in economics in London, or a postgraduate philosophy degree in Athens, they will have access to all the information they need to reach their desired goal. We choose not to focus on one specific type of degree or field, but rather, offer students a website where they can find out about all types of studies.

Programs have been divided into 7 sections:

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Graduate
  3. MBA & Masters
  4. Postgraduate
  5. Languages Studies
  6. Distance Learning
  7. Test Preparation Center

companies Selection Criteria
We take the selection of our companies as seriously as students take their own search for the right companies. Our standards are high because we want to offer students from around the world exposure to the best educational opportunities available to them. Maintaining our commitment to providing students with relevant information on a wide range of universities and programs is very important to us. Therefore, WorldStudent uses the following criteria for its companies selection:

  • International Exposure
  • Ability to receive foreign students
  • Faculty
  • International Career opportunities
  • Campus Facilities
  • Alumni network & reputation

Priority Zones
We cater to all students, but try to make a special effort to reach those in emerging countries. Why? The reason is simple: 70% of students interested in international studies come from these countries. We have not only focused on the European, North American and Australian markets, but also on Asian, Latin American, and Near and Middle East countries.

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