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The following are some criteria that have to be considered when choosing a school :

Quality of professors

  • Does the school have highly qualified teaching staff?
  • What are their areas of expertise?
  • Years of professional experience they have?
  • What teaching methods are used? Are they suited to your style of learning?

Business opportunities

  • What are the career services offered by the school?
  • Is any training on CV writing and interview techniques offered?
  • Type of companies that are recruiting in that school? Are they active in local or international business?
  • Is there an alumni network? How extensive is it?

International exposure

  • What is the local, national or international reputation of the school?
  • Does the school have international atmosphere?
  • Does the school offer language courses?
  • Does the programme offered focus or specialise in a regional market?

Campus details

  • What type of facilities the school offers?
  • Visiting the campus if possible will give better idea of the atmosphere there and the type of students that attempt the school.
  • Does the school have rich library and computer facilities that meet your criteria?
  • Is class size, and international mix of students or experience abroad important to you?

GMAT and TOEFL scores

  • What the minimum scores required for GMAT and TOEFL for admission?

magazine study abroad international careers e-learning forums partners contact