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Source : AEF

AUSTRALIA: The number of European students attending Australian Universities has doubled in the past four years.

New Zealand: Large drop in number of students on grants.

India: New phase in co operation between India and China

South Africa: Delay in the set up of distance learning structure

Great Britain: The government calls on the youths to enrol in University

Great Britain:Keep up the right to enrol to universities by Tony Blair

Great Britain:Professors at English Universities are poor

United States: Large decrease in financial aid granted to US universities

United States:Students recruited close to their homes

United States:The Sylvan Learning firm is going to create a University in India

Germany: Creation of a new Chemistry Institute

Canada: The University of MONTREAL bets on international

Europe:Enlargement programme TEMPUS to Mediterranean countries

Bulgaria : Security measures for adolescents

Tunisia:AUF inaugurates the French speaking digital campus in Tunisia.


France: L'EM LYON created a global service devoted to e learning

France:Creation of the 'INHA devoted to history of art

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