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OH Canada !

A country with a limitless environment, and cities where a high quality of life and modernity can be found together, Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world. It is a place where the great natural site of the Niagara Falls, and where natural beauty is spread across the country. However, these images are not only what Canada is about: it has a lot more to offer.
There are notable influences from its southern neighbour, but there is a significant Canadian life that cannot be ignored . Canadian life is based on its diverse cultures, its rich history and nature and a pioneering spirit. Canadians known to be warm and friendly. Although Canada is a cold country for the majority of the year, Canadians, however, do not have cold personalities! Furthermore, according to a UNESCO survey, Canada is one of the safest and relatively least expensive countries in the world to live in.
Canada is an ideal place to practice languages, because two of the most popular languages in the world are spoken here: English and French. The Canadian identity comes from its diverse languages and a culture that is rooted in European colonization, and a native Indian influence. In addition, Canadian experts are recognized leaders in the field of immersion programs.
Canada is a country that opens its borders and welcomes around 100,000 foreign students every year. So if you are looking for freedom, vast natural wonders, a dynamic and a nice way of life, Canada is your next step to a richer life.


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