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One billion and a half Chinese people ... and YOU.

China is more than a country; it is a planet in itself that accommodates one fourth of mankind on a surface comparable to the United States. Although rich in quantity, China is equally rich in the diversity of its cultures and notably its countryside. For example the beaches along the China Sea to the south-west region where it is more tropical, and the to the Gobi desert (one of the most hostile regions in the world) to the summits of Tibet, and traveling along the banks of the Yellow River that cracks lazily through the pleasant countryside. It is a world to be discovered. The Chinese population inhabiting the countryside is extremely varied, ethnically and culturally: notably with the Turk-Mongol population that lives close to Kazakhstan, in which the majority are Muslims. The inhabitants of the eastern part of the country come from the Han culture and then there are the Tibetans, just to mention the most outstanding. However, if the social strata are very different, the Maoist culture and many decades of communism were part of the unification of these people, in an attempt to build a society that is original and without any equivalent.

This culture remains in perpetual motion. The China of today is becoming more and more open to Western influences, while modern buildings are beginning to cover the cities. The skyscrapers of Shanghai are competing with those in New York and Chicago. The customs are evolving and foreign investments are flooding into China to give it a new image. China is moving and opening itself with the intention of playing a major role in the economy of the 21st century. In China the specialists are unanimous in the idea that she could even become an economic and political giant very quickly. There have already been a large number of students that have seen the opportunities studying in this country can bring. Knowledge of the language and the Chinese culture will be the essentials for those who would like to participate in the extraordinary adventure which China has offered for many years.


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