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American dream

When we asked Americans how they would define the American way of life, they answered repeatedly: hectic, dynamic, fast, multicultural and full of opportunities. America is a land of world-known universities and business schools, such as Harvard and Columbia; famous cities like the Big Apple and L.A., natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite national park. It is a place where excellent educational and job opportunities are at a student’s feet. The land of opportunity… if you have the incentive and the will to work hard, the success is almost guaranteed.

Their liberal arts education is the very reflection of the American culture: a little bit of everything combined together to form a new culture - your culture. Life on campus and a plethora of extracurricular activities form a student world that one might see in the movies. Various associations give you the opportunity to have your voice heard and to gain some valuable experience. Educational options allow you to formulate your own curriculum by choosing classes that you wish to take, while living on campus allows you to meet new people and make great friends.

Studying in the USA brings you one step closer to living the American dream- achieving your goals and living your life to its fullest. Fluency in English, work experience from internships and on-campus work, and competence in multicultural environments are only a few valuable assets that you will attain while studying in the USA. You will meet new people and explore new places, giving you an experience that will always remain as an unforgettable adventure.


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